Sunday, November 20, 2011

Java SE 7 (1Z1 - 803) Beta Exam

I Googled for Java SE 7 to find any reviews for beta exam but no help so that’s why I am writing my own review for Java SE 7 beta exam.

The exam can be categorized into 7 sections.

1. Java basics
2. Working with Java Data types
3. Create and manipulate strings
4. Creating and using Arrays
5. Using loop constructs
6. Working with Methods and Encapsulation
7. Working with inherence
8. Handling Exceptions

I think each section was covered pretty much in detail and you will see a lot of tricky questions so my recommendation is to read question twice. You will get 3 hours for 120 questions. As per oracle objectives, JDBC API and Locale class were new addition to Java Associate certification but as far as I remember my test had only 2 or 3 questions from these 2 objectives.

Recommended Reading:

I read 3 books to prepare for my exam.

• Sun Certified Programmer & Developer for Java 2
• McGraw Hill Java The Complete Reference 7th Edition Dec 2006
• McGraw Hill OCP Java SE 6 Programmer Practice Exams Oct 2010

This associate exam only tests your Java language basic knowledge and it’s cheap. Cost is only $50. So go for it!!!

I will upload my Notes which I used to prepare for exam. Hope this will help everyone else :)

I finally uploaded my notes that I made from above mentioned books. These will help you in preparing for exam. Always use online Java API for help. Notes are downloadable from here.

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Thanks a lot for the brief review mate, I think this post of yours needs some visibility as the post appears on page 4 or 5 of google search result when looking up for "1z1803".

Linked your post to java ranch so that other OCAJ 7 aspirants can go through and benefit from your writeup and experience. (

Looking forward for more posts on your blog.

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